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Chenoa Waterfowl
Sales and Shipping Information

Updated Frequently,
Particularly October through March
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Thursday, 14-Jul-2011 16:08:38 CDT

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Duck List
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An excellent article has been presented on Chenoa Waterfowl in the
Tennessee Cooperator a publication of the Tenessee Farmers Cooperative.

"A backyard for the birds"

Waterfowl of Chenoa boasts an unparalleled collection
of geese, shelducks, and ducks in Martin.

Story and photos by Allison Morgan, Editor
Tennessee Cooperator

The June, 2006, story on page 10 requires Acrobat reader to view.
Acrobat Reader can be obtained free of charge from:
Acrobat Reader.

Chenoa Waterfowl, founded in 1980, had as a major goal the collection of at least one pair of each of the sixteen species of true geese and the six species of shelducks, although a significant number of ducks have also also been represented. In addition to the birds of water, there are usually Cochin bantams and standards on the premises.

The collection presently includes all six species of the shelducks and most of the 16 species of true geese. After years of field trips extending through 2006 the theme at Chenoa is changing from interpretation to propagation and several of the 27 out of the alleged 37 sub species of true geese held through 2006 will no longer be supported. It is believed that a reduction in the number of sub species will favor the harder to raise species/sub species. The species of ducks have been greatly improved beginning with the 2008 nesting season now numbering about 25 species and including three mutants, the White (Blond) Mandarin and the White (Blond) and Silver Wood ducks.

The major thrust of the Chenoa Waterfowl mission is still educational, however virtual presentation is our medium for interpretation. In general the facility is being shifted to a propagation format. The efforts of Chenoa Waterfowl still support the mission: Waterfowl Sustainability Through Education, Accumulation, Propagation, and Dissemination even if approached differently from the past.

Each year there is a surplus of waterfowl after replacements and additions have been made in the collection. The purpose of this site is to make known to other aviculturists the possibilities by featuring all of the species/sub species in the Chenoa Waterfowl collection and finally to note the species/sub species that are available. Chenoa Waterfowl is a family project of Maurice and Carla Field with a great deal of support from daughter Alicia and grandson Christopher.

National Poultry Improvement Plan

Chenoa Waterfowl
Tennessee Independent Flock Participant #188

U. S. Pullorum-Typhoid Clean
September 30, 2011

Federal and State License/Permit Information

Permit Expiration Date
Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit
(Waterfowl Sale and Disposal)
Tennessee Propagation Permit (Annual)
Tennessee Animal Importation Permit (Annual)
Obtained As Needed

Endangered Species Permits (Nenes) must be obtained by the
purchaser. Chenoa Waterfowl is willing to help in the process.

Contact Information

Maurice Houston Field
Chenoa Waterfowl
1018 Haygood Road
Martin, TN 38237-5256


Shipping Information

Farm Pickup Is Always Encouraged

Shipping usually begins November 1. With the addition of FedEx
to the USPS efforts shipping is better than it has ever been.
By May 1 it is normally too warm to ship.

Shipping is by Express Mail through the United States Postal Service (USPS), literally from my Post Office to your Post Office. Shipping is based on weight and not distance. No surcharge is assessed by the USPS in this area. Waterfowl are shipped in a USPS approved box. Presently there are only two approved box companies, Horizon and, which basically establishes the cost of the boxes which may be used.

Many shipments arrive the next day after shipping, but some will take two days or possibly three days. Even though the USPS guarantees a particular arrival time I will no longer request compensation from USPS if the waterfowl arrive after that time as long as the waterfowl are in good condition. This is true regardless of whether I am the shipper or the buyer. The position of Chenoa Waterfowl is that the shipping charge is for the delivery of the waterfowl and not the speed at which the waterfowl arrive. Without the USPS and their willingness to transport waterfowl and game birds, aviculturists are in a heap of trouble trying to move their propagates. It is trusted that other aviculturists will follow the lead of Chenoa Waterfowl with regards to the shipping of waterfowl and game birds and the arrival guarantee of the USPS.

Chenoa Waterfowl encourages all aviculturists to join the Bird Shippers of America. Through this organization a united front was provided to produce the effort which brought about the improvements in the shipping of waterfowl and gamebirds that we are now enjoying. The voices and energies of all aviculturists are needed in this effort. Please view the URL above and join today.

In summary, there is no question that farm pickup is the safest way to transfer waterfowl from the seller to the buyer. Shipping thus becomes the choice of the buyer when farm pickup is not an option. In the name of shipping as safely as possible, Chenoa Waterfowl will only ship waterfowl by Express Mail with ample box space and during the cool seasons of the year.

Shipping must have the approval of both the seller and the buyer
for it to take place. In the very rare event of waterfowl deaths during
postal transit, Chenoa Waterfowl will share the loss with the buyer at
50 percent of the purchase price of the lost waterfowl when presented
evidence of death unless the USPS compensates for the loss(es).

Payment Information

Payment for waterfowl and shipping charges may be made by personal check (if payment is received seven days prior to shipping, see contact information above), PayPal including funds transfered from a credit card through PayPal (, cashier's check (see contact information above), or money order (see contact information above).

Price and Availability List
Updated Frequently, Last Updated
Thursday, 14-Jul-2011 16:08:38 CDT

An excellent source of information on the various wild species/subspecies included on this web site can be found by clicking on Waterfowl of Chenoa: The Facility or the International Goose Research Group located at Cornell University.

The photographs of waterfowl on the attached links are intended to show what a typical example of the species looks like and are not photographs of the specific waterfowl for sale. Availability of a particular type of waterfowl is indicated to the right of the picture.

Prices appearing on this web site are subject to change.
Specific quotes made to a prospective buyer are firm.

All waterfowl offered for sale are pinioned unless otherwise noted and are shipped with the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service Transfer Form 3-186 when United States waterfowl are involved. The Transfer Form 3-186 is not required for non United States waterfowl.

Please Note:

Available waterfowl in the links below have been coded green for easy recognition.
Pair prices generally refer to juveniles (less than one year old) unless otherwise noted.
The price of individual birds is half the pair price unless otherwise noted.

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